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    DECEMBER 2005

    Where It All Began

    While in Cambodia in 2005, we met and became very attached to a group of orphans near Angkor Thom.  These children inspired us, and eventually became the inspiration to start Guerrilla Aid/Guerrilla Aid.  It was only fitting that our first official project was created to benefit them, so we returned with a representative from the UCLA Athletic department to give these kids sporting equipment, school supplies, funding for a new teacher, along with donations for the local clinic.

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  • globalcolors 2006 kenya slideshow

    JULY 2006


    After the September 11 attacks in NYC, the very poor people of the Maasai Mara banded together and raised enough money to buy fourteen cows (their most prized possession) as a gift to America to help us heal. This incredible act of generosity brought us to tears, and so we decided we had to go back to thank them by providing the widows of the region with cattle of their own.

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  • globalcolors 2006 CAA slideshow

    DECEMBER 2006

    CAA Volunteer Program

    Creative Artists Agency (CAA) selected Guerrilla Aid to launch their first International Volunteer Vacation Program. We took CAA employees to Mozambique and South Africa for a reforestation and outreach project.

    Our main focus was to help with a reforestation project Nhambita, Mozambique, with a company called "Envirotrade"  to erase their carbon footprint.

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  • globalcolors 2007 senegal slideshow

    JUNE 2007

    Digging with Laura Bush

    Development in Gardening (DIG) is an organization created in Senegal to build vegetable gardens next to hospitals and HIV clinics.  By providing food to aid with the ARV (Anti-RetroViral) therapy, the much needed component of nutrition in patient care is realized.
    We worked with DIG to help expand their project, and after advising the White House and First Lady Laura Bush regarding issues in Burma, we were able to get her to visit us in Africa to highlight this important cause.

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  • globalcolors 2007 cambodia slideshow

    SEPTEMBER 2007


    Education in Memory of Jeff Scott

    In the spring of 2007, we were contacted by the friends and family of Jeff Scott to see if we could do a project in his memory.  At a time of family tragedy, they thought of helping others, and asked us to build a program in Cambodia to benefit children and education.  We set out to get to know the man Jeff had become, work on his behalf, and build something he'd be proud of.

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  • globalcolors 2008 guerrillaaid slideshow

    JUNE 2008

    The Border Clinic

    The Mae Tao Clinic is one of our favorite clinics in the whole world, and after seeing the good work that they do, we were able to get Mrs. Bush to visit this hospital to promote the work of founder Dr. Cynthia Muang, as well as the plight of the Karen refugees in Burma.

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  • globalcolors  2008 my world wish slideshow

    NOVEMBER 2008



    Just outside Nairobi, Kenya, there is an amazing bead factory for disadvantaged women called Kazuri.  This factory pays three times the local wage, and provides them with a host of services such as health care and savings accounts.  We developed a signature bead with Kazuri for Guerrilla Aid/Guerrilla Aid that is sent to employ the mothers of kids we have in our school program in Cambodia.  They create our "World Wish Bracelet"  - forming a partnership with the women in Kenya to create a better future for their families.

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  • globalcolors 2009 laos-kids slideshow

    JANUARY 2009

    Literacy & Library Boats

    Our literacy program in Laos began when we went looking for a project in the streets of Luang Prabang, and came across a small public library. Books were scarce, but the librarian had some great ideas to expand literacy projects in the region.  Now, there are bookboats floating up and down the Mekong, bookpacks are being trekked village to village, and schools have much needed supplies.

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  • globalcolors 2009 india slideshow
    FEBRUARY 2009

    Lesson Learned

    The photo caption info goes here. Title is an 14t font - not bolded as the other heading1 version was.

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  • globalcolors-uganda-chickens-big

    MARCH 2009

    Chickens for The Batwa

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  • globalcolors 2010 haiti slideshow

    JANUARY 2010


    We wanted to help after the earthquake in Haiti, but didn't quite know what to do -- so we just went to figure it out.

    Now, our disclaimer is that we've been doing this sort of thing for a long time, and definitely don't recommend travel to a disaster area - unless  you are properly trained and have a specific group to meet and work with.  That being said, after making all the necessary arrangements, we arrived in Jacmel and started looking around.

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  • globalcolors 2011 madagascar slideshow

    MAY 2011

    Community Conservation

    Guerrilla Aid teams up with Missouri Botanical Gardens to educate a local community around a national treasure in Madagascar. In 2011, GC learned about the MBG projects dedicated to the conservation of native plant species and diverse ecosystems in Madagascar. Their discoveries of new flora and fauna have contributed to the scientific community, as well as raised awareness about the threat of illegal logging.

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  • globalcolors 2011 huntspoint slideshow
    SEPTEMBER 2011

    A Partnership with HPAC

    When Guerrilla Aid learned about the Hunts Point Alliance for Children (HPAC), a network of nonprofit organizations based in the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx, committed to fighting the area’s systemic poverty and under-education, we asked HPAC how we might best lend our experience working with grassroots organizations in high poverty areas to their current project in the Bronx. After five years of exclusively designing and implementing small-scale international aid projects, Guerrilla Aid decided to “go local.”

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  • globalcolors 2012 cambodia slideshow

    JANUARY 2012

    Hospitality Training

    We returned to Cambodia in November 2011 based on the incredible generosity of the Karuna Charitable Foundation - encouraged to learn that the Sao Sary Foundation had continued its work and expanded its crucial protection and legal counseling programs. The foundation now provides safe, emergency short and long-term housing for over 40 children, and offers free legal counseling to the victims of rape and sexual violence. In addition, SSF offers classes on health education & microfinance, & provides much-needed skills training in sewing, gardening, & raising livestock.

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  • globalcolors 2012 mongolia slideshow

    AUGUST 2012

    Herders & Snow Leopards

    The photo caption info goes here. Title is an 12pt font - not bolded as the other heading1 version was.

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    The Guerrilla Guide was written to give advice and structure for any volunteer to create a project on their own, either in their own back yard or around the globe. This guide is designed to facilitate the process of project development - with everything from choosing your cause, finding a local partner to help create your own self-sustaining project, or simply how to volunteer with an existing NGO.

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    Guerrilla Aid Grants are intended to help individuals design and implement creative short-term aid projects. Based on our belief that "anyone can go anywhere and do something good,” these grants assist socially conscious individuals as they seek to make improvements in communities throughout the world. Grants of up to $10,000 dollars are made on a sliding scale based on the scope and duration of each proposed project. This flexibility enables Guerrilla Aid to sponsor the best-devised projects and maximize the number of sponsored projects. For more information about the application process, please contact us.

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